Install LSI MegaRAID Storage Manger on Proxmox

1: Install MegaRaid CLI

Add repo

edit /etc/apt/sources.list add the entry

deb jessie main

here i am installing on debian (promox in debian based) and jessie version (proxmox 4.4.1)

Then save the file and run the below command to trust or sign the above site.

wget -O - | apt-key add -

run the command

#apt-get install megacli

2: Download the Megaraid Storage Manager

unzip it you will have file called MSM_linux_x64_installer-16.11.00-03.tar.gz  untar using tar command

# tar -xf /pathTo/MSM_linux_x64_installer-16.11.00-03.tar.gz
# cd disk

if alien is not installed run this command for installing alien, which convert the rpm to deb format

# apt-get install alien
# alien --scripts *.rpm

3: Install the below two deb’s by running these commands

#dpkg --install lib-utilsXXXXXX_all.deb

#dpkg -i megaraid-storage-manager_XXXXX_all.deb

if everything is fine you have to start the service by running the below command

/etc/init.d/vivaldiframeworkd start 

4: Now connect from your RAID Storage Manager which is installed on the Windows system

Source: Proxmox Forum Edd


Proxmox : Web GUI not updating the Datacenter status

Problem with proxmox GUI and cluster management.
From one node of the cluster I saw on /var/log/syslog file that

 Apr 12 16:34:37 t1 pveproxy[2502]: proxy detected vanished client connection  

and when we access to the Web GUI of that node, Show Node ‘t1’ is down.
The solution is to simulate a reboot of all the machines without rebooting the VM on them.
So this is the sequence to launch on every node of the cluster, without some particular order

 /etc/init.d/cman restart  
 /etc/init.d/pvedaemon restart  
 /etc/init.d/pvestatd restart  
 /etc/init.d/pve-manager restart  
 /etc/init.d/pve-cluster restart  

Now, it works great.